Dream of Change
Cover Art: Details from “Migration” by Perky Edgerton.


Marcia Pelletiere is a singer, composer, poet, and digital artist. Her debut solo album, Dream of Change, is a genre-bending journey that brings together many facets of her eclectic experience as a performer and composer. Produced by Emily Bindiger, the album covers a wide range of styles from a cappella to full band arrangements, with a mix of genres including folk, blues, cinematic, choral, art song, and more.

Marcia is joined on this album by veteran artists Jaime Babbitt, Emily Bindiger, Robin Daniels, Clint de Ganon, Kevin DiSimone, Jim Gately, Nikki Gregoroff, Dillon Kondor, Robbie Kondor, Elsa Larsson, Sherryl Marshall, Libby McLaren, Diane Michael, Bill Mitchell, Matt Perri, Catherine Russell, Larry Saltzman, Adele Stein, Rosie Vallese, Jim Vincent, and Mike Visceglia.