Since experiencing brain injury first-hand, Marcia has been involved in helping to increase awareness of the devastation that TBIs cause in so many lives.

Marcia’s presentation, “An Artist’s Journey of Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”, offers listeners an immersion in the often-invisible effects of this shattering injury. She offers stories from her own experience, including her encounters with medical professionals. She also uses poems from “A Crown of Hornets”, and her related multi-genre works, to give the audience a visceral sense of her experience and to highlight the way that creative work provided an essential tool in her recovery.

Presentations and interviews include: Walter Reed's National Intrepid Center for Excellence; Psychiatry Grand Rounds at Montefiore Medical Center (Albert Einstein College of Medicine); Clinician's Ear series at the Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities, University of Virginia School of Medicine); Montclair Local (article by Gwen Orel); Faces of TBI (interview with host Amy Zellmer); Another Fork in the Road (interview with host Donna O’Donnell Figurski)

Praise for the presentation: are entertaining, inspiring, and deserving of large audiences wherever you go. Speaking of which: we will plan on having you back for presentations both in a large auditorium and in smaller formats.
Daniel Becker-Professor Emeritus General Medicine, UVA School of Medicine